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Parasite Prevention

Parasite Prevention From Our Uniontown Veterinarian Team Is a KEY Component of Pet Preventative Care

There are few things more troubling and stressful than watching your beloved pet suffer from a preventable illness. Sadly, our Uniontown veterinarian staff treats many dogs and cats every year who have contracted diseases spread by ticks, fleas, and other parasites. Many of these diseases can cause serious harm to animals if left untreated for too long, and may even be life-threatening. Fortunately, pet preventive care is affordable, effective, and much much easier than treating illness. Our staff can work with you to determine the most appropriate kind of flea and tick medication that can drastically lower your pet's risk of getting sick.

cat and dog scratching

The Problem With Parasites: More Than Just A Nuisance

Ticks, fleas, mosquitos, and other critters can be annoying for humans and animals alike. But aside from ruining a picnic or backyard barbecue, these parasites can actually pose some serious health risks to animals who aren't protected against the illnesses that many of these bugs carry. 


Fleas, for instance, can easily spread from animals to other animals. These small bugs can cause your cat or dog to be extremely uncomfortable and itchy. Naturally, your animal will want to scratch, bite, and/or lick at flea bites. If done to excess, this can lead to skin infections and "hot spots" that become oozy, red, and painful. It's worth mentioning that fleas can also be easily transmitted from animals to humans!


Ticks--which are projected to be extremely numerous this year--can easily come in contact with wildlife, dogs, cats, and humans. If your animal is bitten by a tick, it may be exposed to several diseases including Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (yes--even in Ohio!). These diseases are caused by bacteria and other pathogens that ticks often carry and transmit to their hosts. Common symptoms of tick-borne diseases include lethargy, fever, lameness, diarrhea, decreased appetite, and weight loss. 

Mosquitos & Heartworms

Mosquitos often carry the larvae of a potentially deadly animal known as heartworm. Heartworms are quite literally worms that grow inside blood vessels and major organs including the heart and lungs. If left untreated, heartworms can grow so big that an infected animal can experience severe organ failure and/or death.

Parasite Prevention Offered At Uniontown Veterinary Clinic

Obviously, it's impossible to completely eliminate your pet's risk of exposure to fleas, ticks, and mosquitos--even if it's an indoors-only pet. That said, the number one way to prevent your pet from contracting a parasite-borne illness is to maintain an appropriate and consistent preventative medication routine. The pet preventative care we offer at Uniontown Veterinary Clinic typically includes oral medications and/or topical ointments. These must be prescribed properly according to your pet's breed and size to ensure effectiveness and safety. We invite all pet parents to come to us with questions and alert us if your pet suddenly experiences a health condition or change in weight, as this could affect the type and amount of preventative medication the animal needs.

Looking For Tick and Heartworm Parasite Prevention Near Uniontown, Hartville, Green, Ellet & Surrounding Springfield Township Communities? Call A Veterinarian In Uniontown 

Don't gamble with your pet's health! Dogs and cats need tick and heartworm parasite prevention all year round. To speak with a veterinarian in Uniontown or to inquire about our other veterinary services, we encourage you to call Uniontown Veterinary Clinic today at (330) 699-9937. As a thank you for trusting in us, we're happy to offer several special offers for new and existing clients. Call or click here to learn more!


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