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Choose Uniontown Veterinary Clinic for Your In-House Diagnostics

As a trusted veterinarian, you can depend on Uniontown Veterinary Clinic for your pet’s needs. Our goal is always to keep your pet as healthy as possible. This is done through ongoing preventive care and wellness screenings. Sometimes, pets become ill or are hurt. When this happens, you’ll want to ensure you can turn to your veterinarian for fast, reliable care. This is one of the reasons we offer in-house diagnostics.

Bring Your Pet in to See Us!

The first step in ensuring your pet gets the highest level of care possible is to schedule an appointment with us. When you bring your pet in to see us, we’ll provide a full consultation and exam based on the needs of your animal. The goal of this process is to understand any health concerns your pet may have at the highest level possible. Whether your pet needs a wellness screening or exams to understand an illness, we’re here to help.

What You Can Expect 

Our in-house diagnostics answer questions about your pet’s current health. Our goal is always to fully understand if your pet is at risk or could be at risk for illness. In our offices, we offer:

A full radiography service

This provides us with the access to x-rays necessary to answer questions about injuries

A full blood suite

Blood work is often necessary in both ill and healthy pets

Complete ultrasound technology

This gives us a look at your pet’s current health in a non-invasive way.

With access to x-rays, ultrasound, blood work, and other information in our facility, we can often answer questions faster and provide more detailed information to you about your pet’s health. It is from this information that we can then determine if your pet needs any further treatment or care. It can also help us to track the progression of disease.

Preparing for Pet Surgery

One of the times we may need to use our radiography services, blood suite, and other in-house diagnostics is when your pet may need a surgical procedure. Because we can provide these services at our offices, we can comfortably know if surgery is necessary, if your pet is healthy enough for it, and what type of anesthesia your pet may benefit from during the procedure. Having this information in hand can help you feel good about the level of care your pet will get from our dedicated team.

Schedule an Appointment for Pet Care

Does your pet need blood work? Could your pet need more advanced pet care or even pet surgery? Put our team to work for you. Schedule an appointment for an examination or screening. We offer emergency care and preventative care as needed. We serve Green, Uniontown, Hartville, and the surrounding communities. Schedule an appointment with any of our doctors - Dr. Joe Gainey, Dr. Alyssa Auer. Call (330) 699-9937.


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  • "Thank you for being here for us when we lost our dear dog Elvis! The card we recieved was very thoughtful and appriciated. Its been a hard time and all of you made it a little easier knowing you cared."
    L and B K.