Pet Allergies

Pet Allergy Treatment and Diagnosis with a Veterinarian in Uniontown

Our veterinarian in Uniontown has vast experience when it comes to treating pet allergies. Cats and dogs can develop sensitivities to certain allergens at any point in their lives. Many pets are born with allergy issues or sensitivities to certain triggers. However, the most typical cases we encounter involve seasonal allergies and those associated with dust, pollen, dander and mold. Here at Uniontown Veterinary Clinic, we have the skills to accurately diagnose and treat your pet’s allergy symptoms.

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Symptoms of Common Pet Allergies

When your cat or dog’s immune system has a reaction after coming into contact with a particular trigger, certain symptoms will present themselves. Allergens can be airborne or result from brushing up against something that triggers a negative reaction. Even insect bites can source allergy-like symptoms in pets. The most typical symptoms your pet may exhibit if they have allergies include:

  • Sores, hives, and scaly skin.
  • Runny eyes and sneezing episodes.
  • Scratching and grooming beyond normal ranges such as constant gnawing at their paws or rubbing themselves across the floor to ‘scratch’ themselves.
  • Bald spots on their coat.
  • Hot spots that are warm to the touch and can bleed due to the irritation. These usually indicate a contact allergy, such as grass or plants.

Many of these symptoms of allergies will subside within a few days once their contact with the allergen is eliminated. However, serious allergies can present themselves in different forms and can be a serious risk to the health of your pet.

Serious Pet Allergic Reactions

Our veterinarian in Uniontown recommends immediate treatment if you notice any type of unusual reaction in your pet or observe strange behaviors, as this could be caused by a serious allergic reaction. These symptoms include:

  • An odd or unstable gait.
  • Trouble standing or excessive shaking of the body.
  • Indications of shock.
  • Distressed breathing or constant panting.
  • Swelling in the glands, limbs or facial region.
  • Abnormal behaviors such as appearing to ‘see’ things that are not there.
  • Foaming at the mouth.

If any of these signs are apparent, bring your pet into Uniontown Veterinary Clinic or to the closes emergency animal hospital as soon as possible.

Diagnostics and Treatment for Pet Allergies

When you come in for a consultation concerning your pet’s allergy symptoms, our veterinarian in Uniontown will ask you a series of questions about any recent changes in your pet’s diet or environment. This information along with their symptoms can often help us narrow down the suspected allergen list and identify what’s troubling your furry friend. If we cannot determine the cause after an exam and consultation, we may run a reactive test to hone in on the culprit. Once diagnosed, we’ll recommend a course of treatment to remedy their condition including medications, allergy shots and tips on how to avoid certain triggers for their allergies.

Get Allergy Relief for Pets at Uniontown Veterinary Clinic

If you suspect that your pet has allergies, contact our veterinarian in Uniontown at (330) 699-9937 today to schedule a comprehensive examination today.


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