Senior Pet Care

The longest friendships tend to be the deepest ones -- and even though our pets don't live as long as we do, we treasure the opportunity to spend as many years as possible with them. But you also want to ensure that those years are healthy and happy ones for your beloved companion and the aging process can throw some significant obstacles in the way of that goal. That's why it's important to consult a veterinarian you can trust to provide skilled, compassionate senior pet care. Uniontown Veterinary Clinic is happy to help your pet thrive in his "golden years."

Senior Pet Wellness Challenges

The age that a pet can be considered senior or geriatric may vary; for most dogs and cats, however, age 7 is a reliable marker. Beyond this age, you may start to notice certain changes in your pet's appearance, such as weight gain or changes in hair color. Your pet may also seem to slow down some, displaying joint stiffness or a more sedentary general attitude. Senior pets can experience cognitive, vision and hearing problems that may make them less responsive to commands. Incontinence can sometimes become a problem, especially if your pet can't make it outdoors or to the litter box quickly.

But some of the most important changes may not be visible at all. Senior pets face a number of elevated health risks as they grow more vulnerable to age-related problems such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, organ failure, dental diseases and cancer. Many of these health problems are associated with obesity, a potential consequence of your pet's new sedentary lifestyle.

Making the Care for Senior Pets Easier

Our three-vet team has years of experience caring for senior pets just like yours. We administer a thorough senior pet wellness exam twice a year; this extra degree of vigilance helps us watch out for age-related illnesses and provide prompt treatment as needed. These treatments may include:

• Painkillers such as anti-inflammatory medications to ease joint discomfort

• Medications to control diabetes, hypertension and organ problems

• Special diets or nutritional supplements to help your pet cope with a particular health condition

• Dental care for periodontal disease, damaged/deteriorated teeth and oral cancer

• Orthopedic procedures to relieve severe joint problems

We can also provide you with a wealth of tips and advice on how to make your household more accessible and comfortable for your aging pet.

Schedule a Senior Pet Wellness Exam Today

If you've been bringing your pet to Uniontown Veterinary Clinic since he was a baby, you can rely on us to continue looking out for his needs with high-quality senior pet care. If your old friend is in need of a new veterinary home, schedule a senior pet wellness exam today. Call (330) 699-9937 


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  • "Thank you for being here for us when we lost our dear dog Elvis! The card we recieved was very thoughtful and appriciated. Its been a hard time and all of you made it a little easier knowing you cared."
    L and B K.